In Basket

- Unless a message is urgent, it should not remain in the originator's box.
- Using "Staff Message" so staff can originate an "Encounter" may result in abuse, if the staff delete the messages and not work on it.  Remember the days when the filing clerk hide / shred all the paper and didn't file them.
- For urgent messages, an option is available to keep the "Encounter" in the box.
- While the messages is been worked on there should be an easy way for the originator to view what is happening to the message. 
- The sort time in Epic does not work!  It does not sort the time and date together.  Thus if one sort the time, 7 a.m. will be in front of 6 p.m.  but the 6 p.m. could be a message that was sent 3 days ago!  They need to fix this

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